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Based in the American West, Abigail Harrison is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller interested in the shifting relationships between people and their chosen environments. Her work revolves around the theme of transformation, specifically focusing on climate change, mental health, and social inequality. She sees these themes play out in the contradictions of everyday life, which invert the status quo and lend greater depth to our live experiences.


She Speaks Underground at Visual Culture Arts and Media Center at Haverford College  - spring 2019

I am Here, too at Brick Street Art Studios

New Albany, IN.

as a part of Louisville Photo Biennial

fall 2021

collaborators + features


High Country News

Bucks County Herald

Delta County Independant

Jefferson University 

Haverford College

awards + recognition


 The World Wide Photography Gala Awards - Honorable Mention in Culture/Daily Life (Non-professional section)

thank you!

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